Monday, November 15, 2010

Get Thee to Tom and Lorenzo!

When I started this blog, I had every intention of adding zombies to the food and drink. After all, a cocktail is named after them. Plus, I've been a fan of all things zombie since I was a wee bairn "sleeping" in the backseat of my parents' Thunderbird at the drive-in movie theater.

With the advent of the Best New Show on Television, The Walking Dead, I planned on writing a weekly review. More than just camp or schlock, the series is full of character study and plot blended with a large serving of pathos. Last night's episode, the third of six, was outstanding. I think my favorite thus far. I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you all, my handful of readers who come for recipes, stories, drama, and humor and be able to say, "Surprise, I got you gore!"

The trouble/gift is that Tom and Lorenzo, my favorite gays in the whole wide world, beat me to it and did a better job than I could ever manage. So surf there. Do not pass GO and do not collect $200.

You can thank me later.

Today's Interesting-to-Lauren Trivia. In the series, the living refer to the zombies as "Walkers", the very same term we use at the golf club to describe players without carts. This amuses me. You can make your own judgments. 

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